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masterInclude build date in help textJan-Peter Nilsson12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-11-27Include build date in help textHEADmasterJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-11-27Make minigw compile conditionalJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-11-27Use XmlElement to build AxisAlignedBoundingBoxJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-11-27Use some hash to make string insertion fasterJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-11-27Read all the matrices, not just the first one x timesJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-11-27Perhaps this field should not be flippedJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-11-27When parsing fails, tell what you found not just that it doesn't match what w...Jan-Peter Nilsson
2010-11-27Read the right file...Jan-Peter Nilsson
2010-08-04Start to use XmlElement to build xml fileJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-08-04Move OcclSection implementation out of the header fileJan-Peter Nilsson