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masterUse as master serverJan-Peter Nilsson9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-05-27Use as master serverHEADmasterJan-Peter Nilsson
2013-03-17Fix another warningJan-Peter Nilsson
2013-03-17Use getValue to avoid some more warningsJan-Peter Nilsson
2013-03-17Move getValue to commonJan-Peter Nilsson
2013-03-17Fix PHP_SELF referencesJan-Peter Nilsson
2013-03-17Avoid some more warningsJan-Peter Nilsson
2012-05-05Fix some warnings due to trying to access nonexisting array indexes.Jan-Peter Nilsson
2012-05-05Add new gametypes 'redHTC' and 'Arena'.Jan-Peter Nilsson
2010-10-23Check that index exists before trying to use itJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-10-23Don't try to show stats if there is no DB connectionJan-Peter Nilsson