AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-03-12Compile openmw_esm openmw_esm_store and openmw_terrain as librariesterrainJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Start ESMLandStream implementationJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Compile the terrain componentJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Load terrain infoJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Update ESMLandFactory to make it possible to compileJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Get rid of deprecated warning for eventWindowChangeCoordJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Remove unused code/dependenciesJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Move eventDone to WindowBase and make it tell which window is doneJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Decrease number of classes that need to know about other componentsJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Use one instead of five state variables to keep track of character creation p...Jan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Move ClassPoint struct definition from source to header fileJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Stat setValue, use the enum values all the way through instead of converting ...Jan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Move HUD implementation out of the header fileJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Move StatsWindow class to it's own file.Jan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Use one event with a parameters instead of four events to tell with dialog we...Jan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Don't care about the widgetJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Change indentation to four spacesJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-12Oops. Used tabs instead of 4 spaces. Fixed.Nikolay Kasyanov
2011-03-10fixed little mistake in README_MacNikolay Kasyanov
2011-03-10README_Mac completed (really)Nikolay Kasyanov
2011-03-10README_Mac completedNikolay Kasyanov
2011-03-10README_Mac updated, removed dependency from uuid library on OS XNikolay Kasyanov
2011-03-09Removed obsolete macBundlePath function from fileops.cpp. Using Ogre::macBund...Nikolay Kasyanov
2011-03-09platform check fixMarc Zinnschlag
2011-03-09On OS X openmw now sets current directory to bundle root, openmw.cfg values i...Nikolay Kasyanov bundle finally worksNikolay Kasyanov
2011-03-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'Nikolay Kasyanov
2011-03-07Reset arm position changed by commit 27f69d0f5b9c95a7eeae871d280fc92505b56ecbJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-07Remove no longer needed local .gitignoreJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-07An unsigned integer can not be smaller than 0 so there's no point in checkingJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-07Remove unused variablesJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-07Fix mising of signed/unsigned types in WindowManager::showClassQuestionDialogJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-07Avoid crash when no bones are availableJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-07Rename skel to mSkelJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-03-07More correct MacOS X bundle generationNikolay Kasyanov
2011-03-07Builds on OS X nowNikolay Kasyanov
2011-02-27Two quick fixes for building a windows x64 releaseAce
2011-02-19center text in fps countersergoz
2011-02-19added box for fps counter and changed font colour to whitesergoz
2011-02-19added text alignment to fpscounter widgetsergoz
2011-02-18added fps countersergoz
2011-02-17new OpenEngine version; don't forget your submodule updateMarc Zinnschlag
2011-01-14Follow the 'XDG Base Directory Specification' instead of putting the configfi...Jan-Peter Nilsson
2011-01-13Search for plugins in orgre lib directoryJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-01-12Allow override of OpenMW user configuration path with OPENMW_HOME environment...Jan-Peter Nilsson
2011-01-12Use a local plugins.cfg if available (allow us to run without installing)Jan-Peter Nilsson
2011-01-12Build debian package using cpack if dpkg is availableJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-01-12Update plugins.cfg based on where cmake found ogre librariesJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-01-12plugins.cfg is global configJan-Peter Nilsson
2011-01-12Store configuration in /etc/openmw/ and ~/.openmw/ on linuxJan-Peter Nilsson