AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-16Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'HEADmasterMarc Zinnschlag
2016-12-16added text column to ref id table (books)Marc Zinnschlag
2016-12-15Merge pull request #1162 from lkrieg/death_collision_fixscrawl
2016-12-15RigGeometry check if mesh has normals (Fixes #3667)scrawl
2016-12-15Disable NPC collision only when death animation has finished (#3666)Leon Krieg
2016-12-15Merge pull request #1161 from Aussiemon/sdlfixscrawl
2016-12-15Merge pull request #1159 from lkrieg/spelling_fixesscrawl
2016-12-15Fixed more spelling mistakesLeon Krieg
2016-12-14Handle SDL event 0x302 by doing nothingAussiemon
2016-12-14Revert "[OS X] Reenable CI"scrawl
2016-12-14Merge pull request #1157 from lkrieg/spelling_fixesscrawl
2016-12-14Fixed multiple spelling mistakesLeon Krieg
2016-12-14Merge pull request #1151 from Aussiemon/projectilelightsfixscrawl
2016-12-13Moved projectile light calculation to separate methodmrohrlach
2016-12-13Merge pull request #1156 from jeffreyhaines/patch-2Bret Curtis
2016-12-13Merge branch 'master' into patch-2Bret Curtis
2016-12-13Removed Oxford commajeffreyhaines
2016-12-13Replaced "prior" with "previous"jeffreyhaines
2016-12-13Replaced choose with selectjeffreyhaines
2016-12-13Merge pull request #1155 from jeffreyhaines/patch-1Bret Curtis
2016-12-13Minor grammar and sentence changesjeffreyhaines
2016-12-13Minor spelling correctionjeffreyhaines
2016-12-11Merge pull request #1154 from MiroslavR/swishscrawl
2016-12-11Fix swish sound ID and play swish sound effects for all creatures (Fixes #3653)MiroslavR
2016-12-10Merge pull request #1153 from MiroslavR/itemshadow-bugscrawl
2016-12-10Remove item shadows properly (Fixes #3652)MiroslavR
2016-12-10Merge pull request #1152 from Aussiemon/disintegration2scrawl
2016-12-09Slight adjustments to disintegration fixmrohrlach
2016-12-09Added new method and variable to track float remainders of disintegration eff...mrohrlach
2016-12-09Removed two more bad castsmrohrlach
2016-12-09Removed bad casts and unnecessary commentsmrohrlach
2016-12-06Merge pull request #1148 from Allofich/aicombatscrawl
2016-12-06Merge pull request #1146 from Allofich/fortifyscrawl
2016-12-07Require line of sight for AI attacks (Fixes #3646)Allofich
2016-12-06Fix fortify maximum magicka expiration (Fixes #3648)Allofich
2016-12-06Merge pull request #1147 from MiroslavR/NiSphericalColliderscrawl
2016-12-06Implement NiSphericalCollider (Closes #3644)MiroslavR
2016-12-05Update AUTHORS.mdscrawl
2016-12-05Merge pull request #1144 from Aussiemon/masterscrawl
2016-12-04Tidying upmrohrlach
2016-12-04Implemented retrieval of effect colors for lights, made recommended changesmrohrlach
2016-12-04Merge branch 'master' of
2016-12-04Update AUTHORS.mdscrawl
2016-12-04Merge pull request #1143 from kurnevsky/crash-fixscrawl
2016-12-03Changed light values to better match vanilla. Still need to pull diffusion pr...mrohrlach
2016-12-03Changed a line that did not need to be changed apparentlymrohrlach
2016-12-03Replaced tabs with spaces (oops)mrohrlach
2016-12-03Changed methods slightly to ensure non-magic projectiles do not receive lightsmrohrlach
2016-12-03Added reasonable approximation of magic bolt lightsmrohrlach
2016-12-03Crash fix when item is disabled before it casts spell.Kurnevsky Evgeny