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masterWindows makes a difference on binary mode or notJan-Peter Nilsson12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-07-18Windows makes a difference on binary mode or notHEADmasterJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-07-18Forgot a print outJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-07-18Replace ntohl with own swapByteOrder to not have to care about the windows im...Jan-Peter Nilsson
2010-07-16Removed a duplicate and an extra =Jan-Peter Nilsson
2010-07-15New elements and attributes for vhf filesJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-07-15Added big endian supportJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-07-15Added COLL datastructure, and read COLL blockJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-07-10Show the needed number of decimals (as long as it is between 0 and 10)Jan-Peter Nilsson
2010-07-10Added make clean/make allJan-Peter Nilsson
2010-07-10Added missing linebreakJan-Peter Nilsson