morrowind/openmw.gitOpenMW peppe5 years
kde/libkmahjongglibKMahjongg peppe5 years
kde/kmahjonggKMahjongg peppe5 years
serverwatch.gitWheel of Time ServerWatch peppe7 years
lgtv.gitA python script for controlling a LG TV over RS232 peppe9 years
a500/apxuid.gitA small application reading the device UID from a Tegra2 device in APX mode peppe9 years
morrowind/mwfont.gitAn attempt to read morrowind fnt files peppe10 years
ipt_traffic.gitxtables module for traffic accounting peppe10 years
sgb.gitAn attempt to read NFS:Shift .sgb files peppe10 years
sgbconverter.gitConvert NFS: Shift sgb files to and from XML peppe10 years
bmt2xml.gitbmt2xml peppe10 years
TrainInfo.gitiPhone application to query information about trains in south Sweden peppe10 years
csmconverter.gitAn attempt to read Need for Speed Shift csm files containing PhysX NSX meshes peppe10 years