TrainInfo.gitiPhone application to query information about trains in south Sweden peppe6 years
a500/apxuid.gitA small application reading the device UID from a Tegra2 device in APX mode peppe5 years
bmt2xml.gitbmt2xml peppe6 years
csmconverter.gitAn attempt to read Need for Speed Shift csm files containing PhysX NSX meshes peppe6 years
ipt_traffic.gitxtables module for traffic accounting peppe6 years
kde/kmahjonggKMahjongg peppe4 months
kde/libkmahjongglibKMahjongg peppe4 months
lgtv.gitA python script for controlling a LG TV over RS232 peppe4 years
morrowind/mwfont.gitAn attempt to read morrowind fnt files peppe5 years
morrowind/openmw.gitOpenMW peppe4 months
serverwatch.gitWheel of Time ServerWatch peppe3 years
sgb.gitAn attempt to read NFS:Shift .sgb files peppe6 years
sgbconverter.gitConvert NFS: Shift sgb files to and from XML peppe6 years